December 13, 2020

A Nurse in the Chiropractic Profession with Dr. Shawn Powers DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 204

Dr. Shawn Powers is a business strategist, coach, chiropractor, former critical nurse, international speaker, and author. She teaches health care professionals powerful systems and strategies to grow their practices, increase new patients and profits, without sacrificing their personal lives, so they can have more time, fun, and freedom to live a fabulous life.

Chiropractor of the Year, (twice), Dr. Shawn Powers is dedicated to the chiropractic principles and the advancement of the profession. Dr. Powers is a former critical care nurse, marathoner, polo player, serial entrepreneur, creator of multiple family practices, PowerSource Coaching, and CEO of Dr. Shawn Powers.

She has been awarded Leukemia Society Woman of the year, chiropractor of the year (twice), and is a co-founder of the League of Chiropractic Women.

Dr. Powers made history, chairing the first chiropractic conference to exclusively feature all women speakers.

Dedicated to the success of the profession she has been a board member of multiple state organizations, The World Congress of Women Chiropractors, a Knight of the Royal Chiropractic Roundtable, and the LCW.

She is a bonus mom to four, Lucy the love cat, and is hoping for grandchildren when the time is right. In the meantime, she and her husband enjoy four grand-dogs, two grand-horses, and one grand-cat.

You will find her loving life in sunny California and on stages around the world, sharing her love for chiropractic, success, and prosperity.

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