April 30, 2023

A Meaningful Career in the Center of Chiropractic History w DD Humber DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 452

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DD is a Chiropractic practitioner, educator, lecturer, and professional association leader. Having run a successful volume practice for 20 years, Dr. Humber has for the past 24 years served Life University as an administrator. Dr. Humber comes from a family of chiropractors spanning several generations. In addition to his service as a Doctor of Chiropractic, he is a staff lecturer and program coordinator for Dr. Sid Williams’ Dynamic Essentials meetings, which are professional development seminars, held quarterly for chiropractors.

Dr. Humber attended Georgia State University and earned the Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer School of Chiropractic in 1956.

Working in support of the vision of life-long friend, Dr. Sid E. Williams, Founder and former President of Life University, Dr. Humber helped establish what is now the world’s largest college of chiropractic in 1974. While still working as a practicing DC he was appointed the University’s first Board of Trustees’ Chairman. Later, Dr. Humber joined Life’s staff as Vice President for Clinics, and then served as Senior Vice President for Development for 15 years. In September 2002, after 24 years, he retired from his position at the University.

Dr. Humber is active in professional chiropractic organizations on both the state and national levels. He served the George Chiropractic Association as second Vice President (1964-1965), first Vice President (1970-1971), President-elect (1971-1972, and President (1972-1973).
Dr. Humber’s honors and awards include: Georgia Chiropractor of the Year (1974 and 1997), being listed in Who’s Who in Georgia (1973 and 1975), being nominated for Who’s Who in the South and Southwest (1975), and receiving the Life Foundation Distinguished Service Award (1973). He is active today in the Georgia Council of Chiropractic and was a founding member in 1982.

On the national scene, he has been a Representative Assemblyman of the International Chiropractors Association (ICA) for almost two decades. Dr. Humber served as President of the ICA from 2001 to 2003. Previously he held the position of the Southern Regional Director of the ICA.
For his efforts on behalf of chiropractic, Dr. Humber was named ICA Fellow in 1982. In 1994, the World Chiropractic Alliance named Dr. Humber the “Chiropractic Humanitarian of the Year.”

In 1997, for his service and dedication to Life University and the chiropractic profession, the University’s Honors Plaza Garden was named in his honor – The D.D. Humber Garden of Life.

Dr. Humber served first as Vice President of Life Foundation, Inc., a non-profit chiropractic organization dedicated to Service, Education, and Research, and he is now Assistant Treasurer.

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