September 4, 2022

A Chiropractic Mammapreneur in the Turks/Caicos w Dr Lise Cloutier DC – Chiro Hustle Podcast 384

• Founder and owner of Courtyard Chiropractic and Wellness in TCI
• Graduated from CMCC- Class of 1995 (Toronto, Canada)
• 1996 Graduate of ICPA (Pediatric Chiropractic) Life University (Atlanta Georgia, USA)
• Established a highly successful subluxation, family, wellness-based practice in Ottawa Canada for 16 years
• Chiropractic health assistant teacher/trainer and 1 on 1 Doctor mentor coach for 10 years with Chiropractic Masters (formerly Gorilla Chiropractic Coaching)
• Co-author of 2 books: Pearls of Wisdom with Dr. Liz Anderson-Peacock and Health Secrets Revealed.
• Professional speaker at various conferences such as Waiting list practice, Parker seminars, Pure and Powerful, Chiropractic Masters
• Participated in the 1998 Panama Chiro Mission
• Platinum client with Waiting List practice from 1998-2002.
• Organized and led Chiropractic missions in the Dominican Republic from 2006-2008.
• Several Television and Radio appearances such as Experts on call to discuss various health & Wellness topics with the Ottawa community
• Relocated and started a new chiro practice in Turks & Caicos in 2011
• Creator of Mind Body Beautiful- Women’s health, Online program launching in 2021.

Life Purpose Statement

My objective is to inspire, educate and empower as many individuals as possible to help them express and maximize their fullest health potential naturally, with safe, effective chiropractic care, sound nutritional advice and supplementation, stress reduction management strategies, and work/home postural exercises and tips. Also available for speaking engagements with 25 years of professional and clinical experience.

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